The government is now actively encouraging cleaning work to continue.

St Giles (London) Ltd is operating within the new industry guidelines to ensure our work is carried out safely (details here).

We are familiar with the requirements for businesses and homes, as detailed by the relevant local and national authorities. We adhere to the relevant precautions for customers and our cleaners in all our operations, including enhanced cleaning, hand-washing and hygiene procedures. 

Please review the guidelines we are asking domestic customers and cleaners to follow here.

Preparing to re-open your business?

Let our specialist Covid-19 Strategy Team devise and implement a detailed hygiene and sanitation plan for your business.  Our plan will detail the steps you need to take prior to re-opening, and the recommended on-going actions required to maintain high levels of hygiene throughout your business.

We'll do the risk assessment and provide you with the necessary documentation to convince your staff, customers, suppliers and relevant local authorities that you are doing all you can to make your business a safe place of work.

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